Amabuki I LOVE SUSHI Medium Toro 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

天吹(あまぶき) I LOVE SUSHI 中とろの全体像
天吹(あまぶき) I LOVE SUSHI 中とろのラベル
天吹(あまぶき) I LOVE SUSHI 中とろのラベル左側面
天吹(あまぶき) I LOVE SUSHI 中とろのラベル右側面
天吹(あまぶき) I LOVE SUSHI 中とろの四号瓶全体像

Amabuki I LOVE SUSHI Medium Toro 720ml/1800ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Amabuki I LOVE SUSHI Nakatoro]

Pure rice sake that goes well with fish made with flower yeast! I love sushi! !

Saga no Hana is polished to 60%, and the sake is aged at ice temperature for about half a year using strawberry yeast and Gekka Bijin yeast.
Mild aroma and rounded mouthfeel due to aging.
This is a dry junmai sake that has the flavor of rice and a light body, but has a nice aftertaste.

Enjoy it with the sushi and fatty tuna that the sake is named after, as well as fatty autumn fish.

◆Spec Category: Sake (junmai sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Saganohana Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Sake level: +9
Acidity: 1.7
Yeast used: Gekkabijin yeast, strawberry yeast Alcohol content: 15 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Amabuki Sake Brewery (Saga Prefecture)

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