Ishin no Itteki Kimoto-zukuri 720ml

Ishin no Itteki Kimoto-zukuri 720ml

Ishin no Itteki Kimoto-zukuri 720ml

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[One drop of the Meiji Restoration Kimoto-zukuri]

Challenge shochu of modern master craftsman Yasuda Toji

This is a shochu that Mr. Yasuda of Kokubu Sake Brewery tried to reproduce the shochu that was prepared at the time of the Meiji Restoration based on literature.

Sweet potato shochu is made by steaming sweet potatoes, adding water, fermenting with lactic acid for several days, and then adding yellow rice malt.
The brewing formula follows the literature, keeping the ratio of rice malt as low as possible and making more than 97% of sweet potatoes. For distillation, the Tsuburo distiller described in the literature is reproduced in a 200L size and distilled.

Spec Category: Potato Shochu Ingredients: Sweet Potato (Beni Haruka), Rice Koji Koji: Yellow Koji Alcohol Content: 27% Producer: Kokubun Brewery (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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