Isobe special white wine 720ml

白ワイン いそべ特選 白葡萄酒 全体像
白ワイン いそべ特選 白葡萄酒 ラベル
白ワイン いそべ特選 白葡萄酒 裏ラベル
白ワイン いそべ特選 白葡萄酒 上部

Isobe special white wine 720ml

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[Isobe Special Selection white wine]

A white wine with a fruity flavor reminiscent of Koshu grapes and a soft mouthfeel.

Uses 100 % Koshu grapes harvested by contract farmers .
An authentic white wine brewed from free-run fruit juice through low-temperature fermentation.
The result is a fruity wine with a smooth taste.

・Excerpt from Shirayuri Brewery official website
Lorient ( L'ORIENT ) is a French word meaning "oriental" and was named with the aim of producing wine of a high standard comparable to that of Europe. The importance of being “local” is the first condition for making wine. Taking care of the local area is the basis for making delicious wine, and we are passionate about everything from cultivating grapes to making wine.

Category: White wine /slightly sweet
Varieties used: Koshu from Yamanashi Prefecture
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Shirayuri Brewery
Production area: Katsunuma, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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