JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN Shakuun Bari Rough Filter 700ml

JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN(クラフトジン) 釈云麦 荒濾過の全体像
JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN(クラフトジン) 釈云麦 荒濾過のラベル
JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN(クラフトジン) 釈云麦 荒濾過のラベル左側面
JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN(クラフトジン) 釈云麦 荒濾過のラベル右側面

JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN Shakuun Bari Rough Filter 700ml

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【JAKU UN BAKU CRAFT GIN Shakuunmugi rough filtration】

A new gin that takes advantage of the taste of barley koji, a challenge from a 130-year-old shochu brewery!

Juniper berries and four types of botanicals from Kyushu are infused into the base spirit derived from barley shochu, which is repeatedly redistilled in a pot still.

The black peppermint and German chamomile grown in Yame, Fukuoka are not only fresh, but also very fragrant, using a post-processing technique for Yame tea when drying the herbs.
The characteristic cedar flavor of this gin comes from cutting out the center of Hita cedar.
Furthermore, we are particular about using domestically produced chinpi.

The distilled gin is distilled three times in total and aged in white oak barrels.
A simple yet unique gin.
By storing the unprocessed sake in white oak barrels, we are able to create a gorgeous, deep, and smooth beer that combines the aroma of Yurao barrels and five types of botanicals.

Unlike gin that uses crudely distilled alcohol, in order to utilize the barley flavor of the base alcohol without sacrificing it, we deliberately do not use a cooling filtration process, instead adopting a ``washing and filtration manufacturing method'' that retains oils and fats.
The elegant sweet taste gradually transforms into a complex lingering sound along with the aroma.

◆Specification Raw material name: Brewing alcohol (domestic production)
Botanicals: Juniper berry, black peppermint, German chamomile, Hita cedar, Chenpi Alcohol content: 47 degrees Size: 700ml
Manufacturer: Nishiyoshida Sake Brewery Production area: Fukuoka Prefecture

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