Jabara Sake 1800ml

リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て 全体像
リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て ラベル
リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て 左サイド
リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て 右サイド
リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て サブラベル
リキュール じゃばら酒 別仕立て 裏ラベル

Jabara Sake 1800ml

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[Jabara sake] Tailored separately]

A liqueur made with the mythical citrus " Jabara " that wards off evil.

Some people may not be familiar with the citrus named Jabara .
That should be it.
It grows naturally in Kitayama Village, Wakayama Prefecture, which is the only enclave in Japan, and its existence was not known outside.
However, in recent years, it has been featured in the media as effective for allergic symptoms such as hay fever, and has become a hot topic.

A special version that uses more of the phantom citrus Jabara than the regular product.
Moreover, the " jabara " used in this jabara sake is 100 % produced in Kitayama Village, Wakayama Prefecture, which is the hometown of " jabara " .

Not only the juice, but also the peel ( residual pesticides are strictly inspected and not detected at all ) are added.
Jabara sake has a unique flavor that is completely different from other citrus liquors such as yuzu and lemon.

The aroma, astringency, and bitterness are unique and have an impressive taste.

Category: Liqueur
Ingredients: Japanese sake ( domestic production ) , bellows, sugars
Alcohol content: 8 degrees
Manufacturer: Hideo Yoshimura Store ( Wakayama Prefecture )

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