Aged Muramasa 720ml

Aged Muramasa 720ml

Aged Muramasa 720ml

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[Aged Muramasa]

Limited version of our most popular barley shochu Muramasa

This is a limited edition barley shochu that is a blend of the popular `` Muramasa ,'' which is made using traditional barley shochu, and the stylish `` Muramasa ,'' which is slowly aged in sherry barrels.
The harmony of traditional sharpness and barrel-derived flavor will leave you smitten.

・From the back label
Muramasa, a famous sword that was tossed around by the flow of time, became even more awesome over time.
We have poured our thoughts into the era we have lived through up until now, and have poured our thoughts into this single drop, searching for the sparkling sharpness that will usher in a new era.
When we moved into the mainstream of vacuum distillation, we sealed the single-minded thoughts of our predecessors and wrapped ourselves in the robes of aging. Well, this cup will give you the courage to face the rough waters of the world.
There is no greater joy than to dedicate yourself to Muramasa, a new step forward, tonight.
From the brewer

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: 2/3 barley, 1/3 rice malt ( domestic rice )
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Iki no Kura Sake Brewery ( Nagasaki Prefecture )

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