Kyoeidou K21AK_DD_03 750ml [cool delivery recommended]

共栄堂(きょうえいどう) K21AK_DD_03の全体像

Kyoeidou K21AK_DD_03 750ml [cool delivery recommended]

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[Kyoei-do K21AK_DD_03]

Kyoei-do 2021 Autumn Release Orange 3

The 2021 Koshu grapes are aged in small barrels for approximately seven months, and then in large barrels for approximately three months.
The juice preparation is the basis.

A transparent golden yellow color.
It has buttery coconut and a hint of ripe lemon.
On the palate, lemon and passion fruit are refreshing.

When air is mixed in, the mixture takes on flavors of bacon, toast, and spices such as cloves and nutmeg, and as the temperature rises it takes on a milky yogurt flavor.
It has a nice sharp aftertaste with a hint of yogurt and spices.

Enjoy it cold and sharp in a slim glass.

◆Specifications Category: Orange wine/dry Grape variety: 100% Koshu
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Kyoei-do Production area: Makioka, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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