Kyoeido K22FY_DD 750ml

共栄堂(きょうえいどう) K22FY_DDの全体像

Kyoeido K22FY_DD 750ml

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[Kyoeido K22FY_DD]

Kyoeido 2022 production orange of winter release

Koshu varieties from Fuefuki City and Katsunuma Town are used.
Koshu grapes are divided into juice and brewed varieties, fermented and aged in large barrels, and stored until January 2023.

An ocher color with turbidity and redness.
There are also notes of nutmeg, licorice, dill, hay and pineapple.
A effervescent light feeling and a scent like lemon, pear, spices and almonds will also rise from the mouth.
The aftertaste has a buttery or yogurt-like taste and a light astringency.

Serve in a cup to emphasize the astringency and oiliness.

* Due to a small amount of stock, please limit one per person.

◆ Spec Category: Orange Wine/Dry Varieties Used: Koshu Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Kyoeido Production area: Makioka, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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