Kaga plum wine 720ml/1800ml

梅酒 加賀梅酒 全体像
梅酒 加賀梅酒 ラベル
梅酒 加賀梅酒 左サイド
梅酒 加賀梅酒 右サイド

Kaga plum wine 720ml/1800ml

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[Kaga Plum Wine]

Previously employed in ANA international first class

This plum wine combines the rich flavor of plums with a clear mouthfeel.
The plums used are Benisashiume plums from the Hokuriku region, which are rich in amino acids and minerals, and are made using simple, traditional methods.

This high-quality plum wine is made in the Hokuriku region, where everything from growing the plums to pickling and bottling takes place in the region's favorable environment, and is aged for approximately two years until the aroma and flavor are balanced and it is at its most delicious.
Nikkei Newspaper NIKKEI Plus 1 Ranking of Everything It is a highly skilled company that has a track record of being selected as the number one restaurant in the country , and has also been served in first class on All Nippon Airways (ANA) 's North American and European routes.

・About Beniei Ume
It is a high-quality variety that is a specialty of the Hokuriku region, and is called Benisashiume (red plum) because the surface of the ripe fruit is red. Compared to common high-quality varieties such as Nankoume, it has a high amino acid content, so it is rich in flavor and mellowness, and is often used as an ingredient for high-quality umeboshi.
This plum is very rare as it is difficult to cultivate as it only bears fruit on the same part of the branch once every three years and the yield is smaller than that of common varieties.

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: Unripe plums ( domestic ) , rock sugar, brewed alcohol
Alcohol content: 14 %
Manufacturer: Kobori Sake Brewery ( Ishikawa Prefecture )

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