Kamado 720ml/1800ml

芋焼酎 竈の全体像
芋焼酎 竈のラベル
芋焼酎 竈のラベル左側面
芋焼酎 竈のラベル右側面
芋焼酎 竈のサブラベル
芋焼酎 竈の裏ラベル
芋焼酎 竈の上部
芋焼酎 竈の720mlサイズ

Kamado 720ml/1800ml

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Kametsubo aged for 3 years Potato shochu that makes you feel the soil power of potatoes

Made with Kogane Sengan, made with white koji, distilled under normal pressure, unfiltered, and aged for 3 years in a tortoise pot.
It is an exquisite structure that makes you feel the soil power of potatoes in a mellow and noble taste.
You won't get tired of drinking it sharply.

・From the back label
I am hungry. From the oven, pour hot silver rice into a bowl.
Pickle the slightly spicy takana pickles while eating them.
When I was a little hungry, I wanted to drink high-quality shochu.
Potato shochu, if possible. If possible, the one that retains the flavor of the potato.
But there aren't that many.
But that's what I want to drink.
I want to drink that kind of potato shochu.

Category: potato shochu
Ingredients: sweet potato ( Kogane Sengan ) , rice malt
Koji: white koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Satsuma Musou ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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