Kanabun Shochu 720ml/1800ml


Kanabun Shochu 720ml/1800ml

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[Kanabun Shochu]

Yamanashi prefecture's first sweet potato shochu!

It is light and fruity, making it popular among women.
Recommended for beginners of potato shochu. First of all, it's full of rock.

・From the back label
Never fly in the sky
Kanabun flies at a very low altitude, sadly, in a difficult place.
This is an idol for children who cannot catch beetles.
Nowadays, our shochu with this name has become rare due to its ease of drinking.
We want people who say ``I don't like potato shochu'' to drink it.
I would like you to enjoy Kanabun for a while until Kabuto wakes up ( full-fledged ) .

Category: Potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato, rice malt
Alcohol content: 26 degrees
Manufacturer: Sasaichi Sake Brewery ( Yamanashi Prefecture )

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