Ripe Shikuwasa 100% Juice

ノンアルコール 完熟シークワーサー 全体像
ノンアルコール 完熟シークワーサー ラベル
ノンアルコール 完熟シークワーサー 左サイド
ノンアルコール 完熟シークワーサー 右サイド

Ripe Shikuwasa 100% Juice

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[Ripe Shikuwasa 100 % fruit juice】

It is Shikuwasa juice that can be drunk as it is!

Shikwasa, which is harvested green-cut from August to November , ripens to a golden color as the year goes by. Ripe shikuwasa is called kugani ( golden ) and is eaten as it is like a mandarin orange.

Ripe Shikuwasa is much sweeter than normal green-cut juice, and it has a mild acidity and is very easy to drink.
It has a refreshing taste with just the right amount of sweetness, sourness, and bitterness.

Of course it's delicious as it is, but you can also enjoy it by mixing it with soda or hot water.
We also recommend adding a little to awamori or shochu and shikuwasa wari.

Category: soft drinks
Ingredient name: Shikuwasa ( produced in Okinawa Prefecture )
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Okinawa Aloe
Production area: Okinawa Prefecture

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