Karakusa makkori 720ml/1800ml

リキュール 唐草まっこり 全体像
リキュール 唐草まっこり ラベル
リキュール 唐草まっこり サブラベル
リキュール 唐草まっこり 裏ラベル
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Karakusa makkori 720ml/1800ml

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[Karakusa Makkori]

Purely domestically produced Japanese makgeolli!

Makgeolli is a Korean alcoholic beverage made from fermented ingredients such as glutinous rice, barley, wheat flour, millet, and potatoes.
A Japanese sake brewery created a truly delicious makgeolli using the simple ingredients of rice , water, and koji , and a purely domestic Japanese sake was born.

It has a yogurt-like aroma, a gentle texture, and the soft sweetness of rice.
It's a refreshing drink with a pleasant sweet and sour taste.
It's not as thick as the authentic Korean makgeolli, but it's a relaxing drink with a smooth aftertaste so you don't have to drink too much!
It goes perfectly with strong dishes such as yakiniku and yakitori.

Add ice to the liquor (90ml) , which is about the size of a soba choko , shake it well, and pour in the ``Karakusa Makkori.'' When it's cool enough, it's ready to drink.
For connoisseurs , you can get addicted to drinking it by putting it in a mug and diluting it with carbonated water or beer !

* This product has an expiration date.

Category: Liqueur
Ingredients: Sake, brewing sugar
Alcohol content: 8 % or more and less than 9 %
Manufacturer: Hamachi Sake Brewery ( Fukuoka Prefecture )

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