Kariho Yamahai Junmai Super Dry 1800ml

刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口の全体像
刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口のラベル
刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口のラベル左側面
刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口のラベル右側面
刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口のサブラベル
刈穂 山廃純米 超辛口の裏ラベル

Kariho Yamahai Junmai Super Dry 1800ml

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[Kariho Yamahai Junmai Super Dry]

A super dry sake that takes the challenge of fermentation to the limit using the traditional Yamahaimoto method

I don't feel the spiciness of the value of sake + 12 .
Kariho's traditional Yamahai method of long-term low-temperature fermentation over a period of about two months concentrates a lot of flavor, allowing you to enjoy a full-bodied flavor that oozes dignity.
It is characterized by a harmony of spiciness and umami, and you can enjoy the balance even more when served hot.

・About Kariho Sake Brewery
Founded in 1913 in Jinguji -cho , Akita Prefecture (currently Daisen City) as a brother brewery of Dewazuru Sake Brewery .
The biggest feature is the old-fashioned six-tank sake tank for squeezing sake. Breweries that squeeze the entire amount in sake tanks are rare in Japan.
Medium-hard water, which is rare in inland Akita Prefecture, is used for preparation.
Kariho's yamahaijikomi incorporates traditional brewing methods as well as brewery-specific methods.
It is a long-term low-temperature fermentation during the bitterly cold season, and the fermentation period lasts up to two months through the yeast mash and moromi.
This time and effort creates a sake quality that is delicate yet harmonious with the unique flavor and richness of Yamahai brewing.

Kariho Yamahai Junmai Super Dry Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( special pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , Rice malt ( domestic )
Rice polishing ratio: 60 %
Sake level: +12
Acidity: 1.9
Alcohol content: 16 %
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Kariho Sake Brewery ( Akita Prefecture )

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