Domaine Kayagatake Kayagatake grape news 720ml

ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り 全体像
ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り ラベル
ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り 裏ラベル

Domaine Kayagatake Kayagatake grape news 720ml

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[Domaine Chigatake Chigatake Grape News]

Super special grape juice made with 100 % Berry A from the fields of Japan's smallest winery, Domaine Chigatake.

Domaine Chigatake, which produces this luxurious grape juice, is a winery located at the foot of Mt. Chigatake.
The couple handle everything from cultivating grapes to making wine in their approximately 67 are vineyard.
After shipping the edible Kyoho grapes, Pione grapes, and Shine Muscat grapes, we use fully ripe Muscat Berry A and Koshu grapes to make wine.

Because we own our own vineyard, we are able to adjust the harvest time ( delaying the harvest by about 2 weeks ) and harvest grapes with a high sugar content.Muscat Berry A produced by Domaine Chigatake has a strawberry-like flavor that is characteristic of Berry A. It is a hot topic among wine connoisseurs as it has a high aroma component ( furaneol ) and is very aromatic.

Considering the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, they have reduced the amount of red wine they prepare and instead released a delicious 100 % Muscat Berry A juice.
Please enjoy this luxurious grape juice, which is as aromatic and fruity as wine.

Category: Grape juice
Ingredients: Grape ( Muscat Berry A from Yamanashi Prefecture )/ Acidulant
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Domaine Chigatake
Production area: Yamanashi Prefecture

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