Domaine Kayagatake Kayagatake grape news 720ml

ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り 全体像
ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り ラベル
ノンアルコール ドメーヌ茅ヶ岳のブドウ便り 裏ラベル

Domaine Kayagatake Kayagatake grape news 720ml

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[News from Domaine Kayagatake Kayagatake grapes]

Made with 100 % berry A , harvested from the fields of Japan's smallest winery "Domaine Kayagatake".

Domaine Kayagatake, which makes this luxury grape juice, is a winery located at the foot of Mt. Kayagatake.
The husband and wife are doing everything from cultivating grapes to brewing wine in a vineyard of about 67 acres.
After the edible Kyoho, Pione, and Shine Muscat have been shipped, we use ripe Muscat Berry A and Koshu grapes to make wine.

Because it is our own vineyard, it is possible to adjust the harvest time ( delay about 2 weeks ) and harvest grapes with high sugar content . It is a hot topic among wine connoisseurs because it has a high fragrance component ( furaneol ) and is very aromatic.

Considering the impact of the corona crisis, we reduced the amount of red wine and released a delicious muscat berry A100 % juice instead .
Please enjoy the luxurious grape juice, which has a high aroma and rich fruit taste just like wine.

Category: Grape juice
Ingredients: Grape ( Muscat berry A from Yamanashi Prefecture ) / acidulant
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Domaine Kayagatake
Production area: Yamanashi Prefecture

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