Kazama Koshu Dry 2022 720ml

白ワイン かざま甲州 辛口 全体像
白ワイン かざま甲州 辛口 ラベル
白ワイン かざま甲州 辛口 左サイド
白ワイン かざま甲州 辛口 右サイド
白ワイン かざま甲州 辛口 裏ラベル

Kazama Koshu Dry 2022 720ml

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[Kazama] Koshu dry 2022]

Full of charm of Koshu grapes

A dry white wine with a rich fruit flavor and a crisp, crisp taste. It has a well-balanced taste of acidity and sweetness that makes use of the characteristics of the Koshu variety, and goes well with a wide range of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes.

・From Kai Winery official website
In the distant Sengoku period, Osogo in Kai Province was the home of the Kurokawa Kinzanshu. The Goshuin letter given to us by the Takeda family in 1543 has been handed down to our family.
In 1834 , Kane Kazama founded the sake brewing industry. In 1986 , Kai Winery Co. , Ltd. was established in a warehouse that retains its history .
While breathing new life into the tradition and technology that have existed since our founding, We aim to make fine wines that match the delicate taste and food culture of the Japanese people.

Category: white wine / dry
Varieties used: Koshu 100 %
Size: 720ml
Manufacturer: Kai Winery
Production area: Enzan, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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