Kinoene freshly squeezed raw 1800ml [cool delivery required]

甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生の全体像
甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生のラベル
甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生のサブラベル
甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生のラベル左側面
甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生のラベル右側面
甲子(きのえね) しぼりたて生の上部

Kinoene freshly squeezed raw 1800ml [cool delivery required]

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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[Koshi freshly squeezed raw]

Freshly squeezed, youthful aroma and crisp taste

This is the 1st Shibori of Honjozo's new sake brewed with high-quality underground water from Shisui using Gohyakumangoku.
It features a fresh and youthful scent of freshly squeezed, and a rich taste with a sharp mouthfeel.

If you let it mature in the refrigerator without breaking the seal, it will change from a fresh taste to a rich and mellow taste, so we recommend drinking it while enjoying the change in flavor as it matures!

◆ Spec category: Japanese sake (honjozo)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic), brewed alcohol Rice: Gohyakumangoku, Fusakogane Rice polishing ratio: 70%
Sake degree: -0.5
Acidity: 1.6
Yeast used: Association 901 Alcohol content: 18 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: Iinuma Honke (Chiba Prefecture)

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