Kirui Honjozo Large Dry 1800ml

鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口の全体像
鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口のラベル
鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口のラベル左側面
鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口のラベル右側面
鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口のサブラベル
鬼涙 本醸造 大辛口の上部

Kirui Honjozo Large Dry 1800ml

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[Kinamida Honjozo Extra Dry]

Popular among Japanese cuisine professionals!

It's not just spicy, but also has a rich flavor, making it a refreshing, light-tasting drink.
Although the sake meter value is high at +9, the flavor of the sake remains the same .
It goes well with fried dishes such as tempura.

・Excerpt from Sasa Masamune Sake Brewery's official website
Founded in 1818
Founded in our current location in Aizu Kitakata, Kiyomizu, our founder, Zenjibei Iwata, believed that if we put quality first and sold high-quality products honestly, people would naturally want them. We have always stuck to our motto of quality first in sake brewing, rejected excessive modernization and mass production, and have stuck to making delicious sake using traditional methods.
It is well known that at the Tokyo Summit in June 1979 , then US President Carter tasted our Junmaishu at Kushihachi in Roppongi and left Tokyo with high praise. In recent years, we have designated rice-producing areas and cooperated with farmers to cultivate organic rice without pesticides. We strive to make sake that takes advantage of the local climate, including rice, water, and human kindness.

Taste graph of Oninamida Honjozo very dry

Category: Sake ( Honjozo )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic ) , brewed alcohol
Rice polishing ratio: 65 %
Sake Meter Value: +9
Alcohol content: 15 %
Storage method: Cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Sasamasamune Sake Brewery ( Fukushima Prefecture )

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