Kishu green tea plum wine 1800ml

リキュール 紀州緑茶梅酒 全体像
リキュール 紀州緑茶梅酒 ラベル
リキュール 紀州緑茶梅酒 左サイド
リキュール 紀州緑茶梅酒 右サイド
リキュール 紀州緑茶梅酒 上部

Kishu green tea plum wine 1800ml

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[Kishu Green Tea Plum Wine]

Packed with catechins! This plum wine is perfect for health-conscious people.

This plum wine is made using Kishu Nankou plums from Wakayama Prefecture and is seasoned with traditional Japanese fragrant green tea.

Green tea contains a lot of tannins and catechins, so this plum wine is recommended for health-conscious people.

The astringency of the green tea and the sweetness and sourness of the plum wine are perfectly balanced to create a refreshing flavor. This plum wine is refreshing, easy to drink, and goes well with food.
Enjoy it on the rocks, chilled as is, with straight water, or with soda.

Category: Liqueur ( Plum wine )
Ingredients: Nanko plum ( from Wakayama prefecture ) , sugar, brewed alcohol, green tea extract, green tea / flavoring, coloring agent, safflower coloring
Alcohol content: 12 %
Manufacturer: Nakano BC ( Wakayama Prefecture )

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