Kishu citrus mixed plum wine 1800ml

リキュール 紀州の柑橘ミックス梅酒 全体像
リキュール 紀州の柑橘ミックス梅酒 ラベル
リキュール 紀州の柑橘ミックス梅酒 左サイド
リキュール 紀州の柑橘ミックス梅酒 右サイド
リキュール 紀州の柑橘ミックス梅酒 上部

Kishu citrus mixed plum wine 1800ml

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[Kishu citrus mixed plum wine]

A highly aromatic citrus Japanese plum wine made with plenty of plums and 5 types of citrus .

This plum wine is made by adding citrus fruit juice to plum wine made by marinating Nanko plums from Wakayama while they are fresh in Wakayama.
Among the many citrus fruits, we are particular about the balance of sweetness, sourness, and aroma.
We use a generous amount of juice from five types of fruit : Unshu mandarin, Hassaku, Daidai, Amanatsu, and Sanpokan .

All of our juices are produced in Wakayama , using highly fragrant and flavorful fruit juices.
This Japanese liqueur is full of refreshing fruit flavor and is rich in flavor when combined with the sourness of plums.

Category: Liqueur ( plum wine )
Ingredients: Mandarin orange juice ( Wenzhou mandarin orange ( produced in Wakayama Prefecture )) , Nanko plum, sugar, brewed alcohol, hassaku orange juice, daidai juice, amanatsu fruit juice, sanbokan juice
Alcohol content: 12 degrees
Manufacturer: Nakano BC ( Wakayama Prefecture )

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