Kisan Sparkling Traditional Brut 2022 750ml [Cool delivery required]

キザンスパークリング トラディショナルブリュット 2021の全体像

Kisan Sparkling Traditional Brut 2022 750ml [Cool delivery required]

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  • From the viewpoint of environmental conservation, we use recycled cardboard for packing materials. (excluding gift wrapping)
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※be careful※
This product is foaming and may overflow during shipping.
Please note that we are not responsible for any spills.
Upon arrival, be sure to store in the refrigerator and open while paying close attention to the liquid level.

[Kisan Sparkling Traditional Brut 2022]

It was one of the first domestic producers to use the same production method as Champagne.
Authentic sparkling wine

In addition to aromas of lemon and green apple, you can also sense the toasty aroma that comes from yeast.
A slight aldehydic aroma gives the overall flavor a complex and rich taste.

It has clean and well-balanced flavors of citrus, creamy and fragrant freshly baked bread, and green herbs.
It has a very rich taste with a refined astringency.
The finish is mildly acidic and very dry, well balanced and refreshing, with a long, pleasant aftertaste.

◆Specifications Category: Sparkling wine (white)/Dry Variety used: 100% Koshu
Size: 750ml
Manufacturer: Kizan Liquor Production area: Enzan, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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