Koshu cloudy plum wine 720ml/1800ml

梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 全体像
梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 ラベル
梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 左サイド
梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 右サイド
梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 裏ラベル
梅酒 甲州にごり梅酒 上部

Koshu cloudy plum wine 720ml/1800ml

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[Koshu Nigoriume Sake]

High-alcohol cloudy plum wine!

The pureed fruit pulp sinks into the drink, creating a rich flavor. It contains plenty of plum pulp, giving it a refreshing finish, making it an easy-to-drink plum wine despite its high alcohol content of 18 %.

When you put it in your mouth, it has a sharp yet rich sweetness.
Although this plum wine contains plum pulp, it is not heavy and can be enjoyed refreshingly.
Enjoy it on the rocks with ice in the summer, or mixed with hot water in the cold winter.

About Sasaichi Sake Brewery
Located in Otsuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture, it was founded as Hanadaya in 1661 .
Hisashi Amano, who later inherited Hanada-ya and became the first head brewer, renamed the brewery Sasaichi Sake Brewery in 1919 and has a history of over 300 years .
The brewing water used comes from an underground spring that originates from Mount Fuji where the brewery is located. This water was chosen by Emperor Meiji to carry with him when he traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto, and is known as "Gozen-mizu."

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: Plum, sugar, brewing alcohol
Alcohol content: 18 %
Manufacturer: Sasaichi Sake Brewery ( Yamanashi Prefecture )

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