Kozo 720ml/1800ml

Kozo 720ml/1800ml

Kozo 720ml/1800ml

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Endangered sake! Brewed in earthenware jars, just like in the old days

The mellow flavor and deep taste are unique to " Kozo " , a delicious taste born from the rich energy of the sun, the earth, the earthen jars, and the people.

"Drink it draft. It's delicious!" Enjoy the smooth, smooth flow down your throat.
Inside the storehouse, unglazed earthenware pots that have been handed down since the storehouse was founded in 1919 are lined up side by side.
This shochu was brewed, stored and aged in earthenware jars that were completely buried up to the neck.

Hand-filtered sake has been around for 100 years since the company was founded.
We spare no effort and are faithful to our method of producing shochu in order to fully retain its original flavor.
Shochu, which requires so much time and effort to be made, is truly an endangered drink!

Category: Sweet potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato ( Kogane Senkan from Osumi Peninsula ) , rice malt ( domestic rice )
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Atmospheric distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Kozo Sake Brewery (Miyazaki Prefecture )

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