Kure Dry Pure Rice + 10 Hiyaoroshi 720ml/1800ml

久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしの全体像
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしのラベル
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしのサブラベル
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしのラベル左側面
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしのラベル右側面
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしの裏ラベル
久礼(くれ) 辛口純米+10 ひやおろしの上部

Kure Dry Pure Rice + 10 Hiyaoroshi 720ml/1800ml

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[Kure Dry Junmai +10 Hiyaoroshi]

Dry and mellow Hiyaoroshi

The brewery was aiming for ``Hiyaoroshi'', which is the authentic aging process, and learned that there was a cave deep in the mountains of Shimanto-cho, so they started storing it in a cave.
The temperature inside the cave remains stable at 15 to 20 degrees throughout the year, giving it a sweet taste and ripening in good conditions.
This time, I put it in a cave in March and let it rest for about six months.

This sake is delicious at room temperature, but of course you can also enjoy it chilled or hot, depending on your preference.

◆Spec Category: Sake (junmai sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Matsuyama Mitsui Rice polishing ratio: 60%
Sake level: +10
Acidity: 1.7
Alcohol degree:
Storage method: Cool and dark place Manufacturer: Nishioka Sake Brewery (Kochi Prefecture)

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