Juroku Daikurouemon Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki from Shinshu 720ml/1800ml

十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦の全体像
十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦のラベル
十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦のラベル右側面
十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦のサブラベル
十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦の裏ラベル
十六代九郎右衛門 純米吟醸 信州産美山錦の上部

Juroku Daikurouemon Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki from Shinshu 720ml/1800ml

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[16th generation Kuroemon Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki from Shinshu]

The classic Junmai Ginjo with a slender body that goes well with food.

Miyama Nishiki's supple flavor and juicy fruit flavor.
This Junmai Ginjo sake has a refreshing acidity and is very well balanced.

From Yukawa Sake Brewery official website
What is the “standard” of Kuroemon the 16th? When asked, I will answer Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki without hesitation. I feel that we are gradually gaining the standing position as the "standard" of the 16th generation Kuroemon for our customers.
Miyama Nishiki's characteristic bitterness and astringency are well expressed with refreshing sourness and sweetness. The raw material rice has been changed to contract farming rice, and it is also being brushed up secretly.
(Shinshu Nagawa Town Asparamaru Co., Ltd. contracted rice use)

* Due to the small quantity in stock, please limit one bottle per person.

16th generation Kurouemon Junmai Ginjo Miyama Nishiki taste graph from Shinshu

Category: Sake (Junmai Ginjo)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: 100% Miyama Nishiki from Shinshu
Rice polishing ratio: 55%
Alcohol content: 17 degrees
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Yukawa Sake Brewery (Nagano Prefecture)

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