Kuroshi pure rice 1800ml

黒牛 純米の全体像
黒牛 純米のラベル
黒牛 純米のラベル左側面
黒牛 純米のラベル右側面
黒牛 純米のサブラベル
黒牛 純米の裏ラベル
黒牛 純米の上部

Kuroshi pure rice 1800ml

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[Black beef pure rice]

Attractive with a wide range of flavors and a good ginjo aroma

This alcohol is the standard sake of the popular Kuroushi series.
For the preparation water, we use ``Manyo Black Beef Water,'' one of Kishu's famous waters.
Koji rice is made by hand-washing Yamada Nishiki, water-absorbing water, and making koji using traditional box koji.
Kakemai is made from rice suitable for sake brewing, such as Gohyakumangoku, which is polished to less than 60 % and fermented at low temperatures.

It has a soft aroma and a wide range of flavors that bring out the flavor of the rice.
It is a delicious sake type that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways, from lukewarm to chilled.

Black beef pure rice taste graph

Category: Sake ( junmai sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , Rice malt ( domestic )
Rice polishing ratio: Koji /50 %, Kake /60 %
Sake level: +5.0
Acidity: 1.5
Yeast used: K9 series
Alcohol content: 15 % to 16 %
Storage method: cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Nite Shuzoten ( Wakayama Prefecture )

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