[With exclusive box] Kurozaemon Daiginjo Omachi unfiltered raw stuffed 720ml/1800ml

九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰の全体像
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰のラベル
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰のラベル左側面
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰のラベル右側面
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰の裏ラベル
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰の化粧箱
九郎左衛門 大吟醸 雄町 無濾過生詰の化粧箱の裏

[With exclusive box] Kurozaemon Daiginjo Omachi unfiltered raw stuffed 720ml/1800ml

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[Kurozaemon Daiginjo Omachi Unfiltered raw ingredients]

Daiginjo located at the top of the brewery with the name " Kurozaemon " that has been inherited for generations

It has a fresh, gorgeous aroma typical of Shindo Sake Brewery, and a refreshing taste.
When you put it in your mouth, the umami of rice unique to Omachi spreads, and it has a very gentle aftertaste.

When Mr. Shindo, the chief brewer, was young and aspiring to become a sake brewer, the first sake he encountered that left a lasting impression on him was Daiginjo made with Omachi rice.
I decided that I wanted to make such sake someday, and on the occasion of my 20th year of sake brewing, I released this product as an answer to what I had accumulated over the years.

The perfect finish is the perfect balance of Daiginjo-like aroma, elegant richness, and refreshing acidity and sweetness.

・Award history
2015 IWC Ginjo Sake / Daiginjo Sake Category Best Trophy

Kurozaemon Daiginjo Omachi Unfiltered Raw Stuffed Taste Graph

Category: Sake ( Daiginjo )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic ) , brewed alcohol
Rice used: 100 % Omachi
Rice polishing ratio: 40 %
Alcohol content: 15 %
Storage method: Keep refrigerated
Manufacturer: Shindo Sake Brewery ( Yamagata Prefecture )

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