LIBEOM and MAX 《Tomato》 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

LIBEOM(リブロム) とMAX 《トマト》の全体像
LIBEOM(リブロム) とMAX 《トマト》のラベル
LIBEOM(リブロム) とMAX 《トマト》のラベル左側面
LIBEOM(リブロム) とMAX 《トマト》のラベル右側面
LIBEOM(リブロム) とMAX 《トマト》の裏ラベル

LIBEOM and MAX 《Tomato》 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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[LIBROM Tomato]

Refreshing craft salmon that makes you feel the beginning of summer

This time, LIBROM used the fruit Tomato "ToMAX" cultivated at "Tomato no Matsuo" in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture as an auxiliary ingredient.
"ToMAX" has a lot of pulp and has a unique smell of tomatoes, less jelly, high sugar content and low acidity, so it goes well with LIBROM sake!
Furthermore, it is a discerning fruit tomato that contains twice as much lycopene as normal fruit tomatoes.

"TOMAX", which has a strong and sweet fruity taste, is washed and put into the moromi in a blender.
A perfect balance between the sourness of the tomato and the sweetness of the rice.
It is a refreshing craft salmon that makes you feel the arrival of summer when the refreshing wind blows in the blue sky.

Also great for cheese-based dishes and tomato pasta as a secret ingredient!
We also recommend mixing it with beer to create a red eye style, or a salty style.

Since there is a feeling of sub-ingredients in the cage, it is recommended to drink it with it.
In addition, there is a tendency for the feeling of secondary ingredients to come out more after 2-3 days after opening than when it is freshly opened.
After about a month, a slight amount of carbonation will appear due to secondary fermentation in the bottle, so please be careful as it may spurt out when you open the bottle.

Spec Category: Craft Salmon Ingredients: Rice (Hinohikari from Fukuoka Prefecture), Rice Koji Secondary Ingredients: Tomato Rice Polishing Ratio: Kake) 92%, Koji) 68%
Alcohol content: 8 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture)

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