LIBROM Blood Orange 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジの全体像
LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジのラベル
LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジのラベル左側面
LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジのラベル右側面
LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジのサブラベル
LIBROM(リブロム) ブラッドオレンジの裏ラベル

LIBROM Blood Orange 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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[LIBROM blood orange]

Craft salmon using blood orange after LIBROM's goal "Italy"

The reason why blood orange was used as a secondary ingredient is that LIBROM's goal is to make sake in Italy.
It seems that he has always wanted to use blood oranges, which are the country of origin in Italy, which is his goal.

The blood oranges used are rare domestic blood oranges cultivated by Kubota Farm in Noko, Fukuoka Prefecture for about 40 years.
By using the "Moro species", which has the strongest redness among several types, the orange color derived from blood orange is finished in a very beautiful craft salmon.

Anami Toji manually separates the blood orange peel and pulp, blends the pulp into a smoothie, boils the peel, and then puts it into moromi for fermentation.
It has a refreshing acidity and sweetness that goes well with Italian dishes.
It goes especially well with salads made with olive oil or balsamic vinegar!

Since there is a feeling of sub-ingredients in the cage, it is recommended to drink it with it.
Also, there is a tendency for the feeling of secondary ingredients to come out more after 2-3 days after opening than when it is freshly opened!

After about a month, a slight amount of carbonation will appear due to secondary fermentation in the bottle, so please be careful as it may spurt out when you open the bottle.

◆ Spec Category: Craft Salmon Ingredients: Rice (Hinohikari from Fukuoka Prefecture), Rice Koji Secondary Ingredients: Blood Orange Rice Polishing Ratio: Kake) 92%, Koji) 68%
Alcohol content: 11 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture)

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