LIBROM Mint 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

LIBROM(リブロム) Mint 《ミント》の全体像
LIBROM(リブロム) Mint 《ミント》のラベル
LIBROM(リブロム) Mint 《ミント》のラベル左側面
LIBROM(リブロム) Mint 《ミント》のラベル右側面
LIBROM(リブロム) Mint 《ミント》の裏ラベル

LIBROM Mint 500ml [Cool delivery recommended]

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[LIBROM Mint 《Mint》]

Refreshing craft salmon perfect for this hot season

There are various types of mint, but we use mojito mint, which is often used for mojito, to create a craft salmon full of mint.

Uses mojito mint from Mirai Agricultural Lab 895, which is cultivated without pesticides in indoor hydroponics in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Agricultural Lab 895 is a futuristic type of agriculture that utilizes an abandoned school to grow crops using only liquid fertilizer and LED lights!

While looking at the data of last year's popular LIBROM Mint <Mint>, we tried trial and error on the amount of mint and the time to soak, and designed the sake quality to bring out the mint feeling stronger than last year.
A sweet and sour, refreshing craft salmon that is perfect for the hot season.

Since there is a feeling of sub-ingredients in the cage, it is recommended to drink it with it.
Also, there is a tendency for the feeling of secondary ingredients to come out more after 2-3 days after opening than when it is freshly opened!

After about a month, a slight amount of carbonation will appear due to secondary fermentation in the bottle, so please be careful as it may spurt out when you open the bottle.

◆ Spec Category: Craft Salmon Ingredients: Rice (Hinohikari from Fukuoka Prefecture), Rice Malt Secondary Ingredients: Mint Rice Polishing Ratio: 92%
Alcohol content: 10 degrees Storage method: Refrigeration required Manufacturer: LIBROM Craft Sake Brewery (Fukuoka Prefecture)

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