Matsui Whiskey Sanin 700ml

Matsui Whiskey Sanin 700ml
Matsui Whiskey Sanin 700ml
Matsui Whiskey Sanin 700ml

Matsui Whiskey Sanin 700ml

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[Matsui Whiskey Sanin】

Won the gold prize in the non-age category of the world's best distilled spirits competition " USC2020 "

A faint vanilla scent due to barrel aging and a fruity scent like pear spread as a lingering finish.
The blended whiskey, which is characterized by its smooth and light taste, is finished with a refreshing taste with Daisen underground water.

Kurayoshi overlooks Mt. Daisen, where the Kurayoshi Distillery of Matsui Sake Brewery is located.
As for the climate, the temperature difference is large on the Sea of ​​Japan side, and whiskey matures faster than in the mainland.

In addition, the process of aging in barrels is also considered to be an important process, and research is being conducted to produce a variety of unblended whiskeys using wine barrels and sherry barrels, as well as using Mizunara and cherry trees as barrel materials. It has been.

Ingredients: malt, grain
Alcohol content: 40 degrees
Size: 700ml
Aging years: ー
Manufacturer: Matsui Sake Brewery Kurayoshi Distillery
Production area: Tottori Prefecture

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