Matsumoto Sawaya Shuhari Junmai Gohyakumangoku 720ml/1800ml

澤屋まつもと 守破離 純米 五百万石の全体像
澤屋まつもと 守破離 純米 五百万石のラベル
澤屋まつもと 守破離 純米 五百万石のラベル左側面
澤屋まつもと 守破離 純米 五百万石の裏ラベル
澤屋まつもと 守破離 純米 五百万石の上部

Matsumoto Sawaya Shuhari Junmai Gohyakumangoku 720ml/1800ml

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[Matsumoto Sawaya Shuhari Junmai Gohyakumangoku]

From Sawaya Matsumoto, Junmaishu from Shuhari aims to reach new heights.

The brand name is a combination of "Sawaya," which was the name of the shop when Jihei Matsumoto founded it in Kyoto in 1791, and his last name, "Matsumoto."
While humbly inheriting the 200-year history of sake brewing in Kyoto, it is a brand with a strong passion to explore new tastes and techniques for their expression.

It features a refreshing citrus scent and a clear juicy taste, and the sourness that you feel in the aftertaste gives a fresh and sharp impression.
It goes particularly well with light dishes and sashimi, and has excellent cost performance.

In addition, the “Shuhari” series is a brand that aims to continue to take on new challenges while preserving tradition. is.
Shuhari is a word that expresses the spirit of aiming for new ground while preserving tradition, and this word is the concept of sake brewing.

Matsumoto Sawaya Shuhari Junmai Gohyakumangoku taste graph

Category: Sake ( junmai sake no description )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , Rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Gohyakumangoku
Alcohol content: 15 degrees
Manufacturer: Matsumoto Sake Brewery ( Kyoto Prefecture )

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