Miharu Gomangoku (Miharu Gomangoku) Rich Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml/1800ml

三春五万石 芳醇 純米吟醸原酒の全体像
三春五万石 芳醇 純米吟醸原酒のラベル
三春五万石 芳醇 純米吟醸原酒のラベル右側面
三春五万石 芳醇 純米吟醸原酒の裏ラベル

Miharu Gomangoku (Miharu Gomangoku) Rich Junmai Ginjo Genshu 720ml/1800ml

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[Miharu Gomangoku Rich Junmai Ginjo Genshu]

A noteworthy brand brewed by a young master brewer who won the top award at the Nanbu Toji Tasting Conference!

The raw sake is brewed during the cold winter, pasteurized once and then bottled under strict temperature control at a low temperature of -5 degrees.
The alcohol content is kept at the 14% range, and the beer is designed to be light yet strong in taste and aroma.

On the palate, it has a fruity and refreshing aroma and a rich, sweet aftertaste.
It has an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness, and a fragrant, elegant flavor. We recommend enjoying it chilled.

Excerpt from the Miharu Sake Brewery official website
Miharu Sake Brewery is one of the three great cherry blossom breweries in Japan.
This sake brewery is located in Miharu-cho, a small castle town home to the Takizakura cherry tree.
Using underground water from the Abukuma Mountains and utilizing the excellent techniques of the Nanbu Toji brewers,
We strive to achieve "meticulous sake brewing."

Taste graph of Miharu Gomangoku Rich Junmai Ginjo Genshu

Category: Sake ( Junmai Ginjo )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice polishing ratio: 55 %
Alcohol content: 15 %
Storage method: Cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Miharu Shuzo ( Fukushima Prefecture)

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