Mikawa Authentic Mirin Minetakara 1800ml

みりん 三河本格みりん みねたから 全体像
みりん 三河本格みりん みねたから ラベル
みりん 三河本格みりん みねたから 左サイド
みりん 三河本格みりん みねたから 右サイド
みりん 三河本格みりん みねたから 上部

Mikawa Authentic Mirin Minetakara 1800ml

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[From Mikawa Authentic Mirin Mineta]

Raw stuffed authentic mirin with no sugar or other additives!

Made with 100 % domestically produced rice grown in Hekinan, Mikawa, which has a history of over 200 years as a production area for mirin, and does not use sugar or other additives.
Traditional handmade mirin that has been matured for 3 years and packed raw.

Unlike shochu-based mirin, it is brewed alcohol-based, so naturally it does not have the peculiar scent of shochu and brings out the goodness of the ingredients.
You can feel the original sweetness of mirin made from saccharified rice without using any sugar.

Category: Seasoning / Mirin
Alcohol content: 13.5 degrees or more and less than 14.5 degrees
Extract minutes: 45 degrees or more
Ingredients: Glutinous rice ( domestic rice ) , rice koji ( domestic rice ) , brewed alcohol
Manufacturer: Ogasawara Mirin Brewery
Production area: Aichi Prefecture

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