Mokkakokonsui Potato 720ml/1800ml

木火土金水 芋の全体像

Mokkakokonsui Potato 720ml/1800ml

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[Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water: Potato]

Yamanashi Prefecture's first sweet potato shochu!

It doesn't have much of the typical potato smell, and has a delicate flavor that is fruity and somewhat hints of plum.
Although the alcohol content is a little high at 26 %, it is an easy-to-drink potato shochu.

From the back label
We began making this stylish and sophisticated sweet potato shochu with the thought that it would be wonderful if the people of Kai Province could drink it.
The marriage of carefully selected sweet potatoes and Sasago's famous water, "Gozensui," is almost exactly what we had hoped for and we are delighted with it.
First, have a drink and enjoy the spirit-filled flavor.

Category: Sweet potato shochu
Ingredients: Sweet potato, rice malt
Alcohol content: 26 %
Manufacturer: Sasaichi Sake Brewery ( Yamanashi Prefecture )

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