Soba Noodles 720ml/1800ml

木火土金水 そばの全体像

Soba Noodles 720ml/1800ml

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[Thu, Fire, Earth, Fri, Wed, Soba]

Soba shochu that you will never tire of drinking

It has the delicious flavor of soba, an elegant taste, a good balance, and a crisp taste that you won't tire of drinking.

From the back label
Buckwheat seeds thrive even in poor soil.
This is brewed with love and distilled with passion.
A mysterious liquid is born there, beloved by the god of wine.
This well-saturated flavor.
It is a gift of the five elements that make up the world.

Category: Soba shochu
Ingredients: Buckwheat ( from China ) , rice malt, barley ( from Australia )
Alcohol content: 27 %
Manufacturer: Sasaichi Sake Brewery ( Yamanashi Prefecture )

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