Moromi Aragoshi Dobu 1800ml

御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶの全体像
御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶのラベル
御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶのラベル左側面
御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶのラベル右側面
御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶの裏ラベル
御代栄 もろみあらごしどぶの首掛けラベル

Moromi Aragoshi Dobu 1800ml

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Nostalgic taste created by lactic acid bacteria and yeast

When many people hear the word "nigorizake", they may imagine a smooth and elegant nigori.
However, this cloudiness is a country-style super dense cloudiness. It's a richly delicious Junmai sake that's more like eating than drinking.

・From the brewery This sake is a muddy-flavored nigori sake that is made by carefully fermenting healthy rice grown here in Omi, with minimal use of pesticides, and then filtering the mash very roughly.
In recent years, sake lees has been attracting attention as it has been confirmed that it has various effects unique to fermented foods, such as relieving fatigue and improving immunity due to the various vitamins and essential amino acids it contains.
This nigori sake retains all of the nutrients in the sake lees, making it the perfect ``master of all medicines.''
We, the creators, have put our feelings into this bottle, hoping that it will help those who drink it heal today and energize tomorrow.

Moromi Aragoshi Dobu Taste Graph

Category: Sake (junmai sake)
Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
Rice used: Tamae
Rice polishing ratio: 65%
Sake level: -20
Acidity: 1.7
Alcohol content: 15
Storage method: Requires refrigeration
Manufacturer: Kitajima Sake Brewery (Shiga Prefecture)

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