[With exclusive box] Muichibutsu unblended sake 5 years aged 720ml

無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成の全体像
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成の化粧箱
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成のラベル
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成のサブラベル
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成のラベル左側面
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成のラベル右側面
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成の裏ラベル
無一物(むいちぶつ) 原酒 五年熟成の化粧箱裏

[With exclusive box] Muichibutsu unblended sake 5 years aged 720ml

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[Muichimono Genshu] Aged for five years]

You will be fascinated by the flavor and richness that is unique to unprocessed sake.

This is a small-volume unprocessed version of the popular barley shochu `` Muichimono '' that is carefully fermented and distilled using carefully selected raw materials and then aged for five years in oak barrels without adding water.

It has a rich aroma and mild taste that can only be achieved by long-term aging, and the depth of flavor and richness that is unique to unprocessed sake.
Enjoy the mellow and gorgeous amber scent of vanilla that comes from barrel aging, the deep whiskey-like texture, and the mild yet deep flavor.

From the official website of Iki no Kura Sake Brewery
Since the enforcement of the Liquor Tax Law in 1899 , 55 shochu breweries have opened in Iki .
Since then, there have been a number of mergers and closures, and now there are seven companies working hard to make shochu. Iki no Kura Sake Brewery, located on a small hill in the center of the island, is one such brewery.
In 1984, six sake breweries came together and founded the Iki Shochu Cooperative Association. In 2010 , we changed our company name to Iki no Kura Sake Brewery, hoping for further growth and the development of Iki shochu.
While adhering to traditional techniques passed down since the 16th century, we boldly take on new challenges such as vacuum distillation and flower yeast preparation, and continue to pursue the deliciousness of Iki shochu.

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: 2/3 barley, 1/3 rice malt ( domestic rice )
Alcohol content: 42 degrees
Manufacturer: Iki no Kura Sake Brewery ( Nagasaki Prefecture )

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