Mukade Junmai Bekkoshirae 1800ml

無風 純米 別拵の全体像
無風 純米 別拵のラベル
無風 純米 別拵のラベル左側面
無風 純米 別拵のサブラベル
無風 純米 別拵の裏ラベル
無風 純米 別拵の上部

Mukade Junmai Bekkoshirae 1800ml

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[Mufu Junmai Bessoko]

If you're looking for cost-effectiveness!

Contrary to its anarchic label, the taste is very refined and well-balanced, making it a flawless, fine sake.
The soft mouthfeel with a gentle, spreading umami flavor is the true essence of brewing with soft water.
You can enjoy it with any side dish.

・From the official website of Gyokusendo Sake Brewery
The sake we aim for
It is not what is generally called "good sake".
Our goal is to create "delicious sake" that is truly appreciated.
In a nutshell
"It's a sophisticated, elegant sake." By "simple and elegant," I mean not earthy,
"Dignified" means that the sake itself has a sense of ease and leaves a lingering aftertaste that you can enjoy after drinking it.
As a concrete example:
When brewed, it has a dignified, tense taste and a subtle, elegant aroma.
The entire company works hard every day to create sake that is pasteurized and ripe, can be drunk without getting tired, and has a refined flavor.

Taste graph of Mufu Junmai Besshiko

Category: Sake ( pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: 100 % Hida Homare
Rice polishing ratio: 65 %
Sake Meter Value: +2
Acidity: 1.3
Alcohol content: 16 % to 17 %
Storage method: Cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Gyokusendo Sake Brewery ( Gifu Prefecture )

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