Muramasa 720ml/1800ml

壱岐麦焼酎 村正の全体像

Muramasa 720ml/1800ml

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A gem of a product that follows the royal road of reduced pressure barley

It has a refreshing barley flavor and a sharp taste. It goes very well with Japanese food.

From the back label
Things were good in the old days. The towns were bustling.
The famous sword Masamune was well suited to that era, but the world today is in chaos.
In times like these, the sharpness of an enchanted sword is fitting.
Normal pressure is good, but it might be fun to try the classic method of reduced pressure distillation.
There is no greater joy than enjoying the richness and sharpness that is unique to Muramasa.

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: 2/3 barley , 1/3 rice malt ( domestic rice )
Distillation: Reduced pressure distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Ikinokura Brewery ( Nagasaki Prefecture )

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