Raw soy sauce 720ml/1800ml

醤油 生しょうゆ 全体像
醤油 生しょうゆ ラベル
醤油 生しょうゆ 左サイド
醤油 生しょうゆ 右サイド
醤油 生しょうゆ 上部

Raw soy sauce 720ml/1800ml

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[Raw soy sauce]

Limited version of the famous Yonebishi soy sauce!

A dark whole soybean soy sauce with live enzymes made in the old-fashioned way using domestically produced soybeans and wheat.
It has a clear red color similar to wine and a wonderful flavor.

・From Yonebishi soy sauce official website
A storehouse-style building that blends into the old townscape of Hitachiota. Yonebishi Soy Sauce, which was founded after inheriting a sake brewery, has been producing authentic soy sauce using traditional methods since 1800 . In 1867 , the refined soy sauce ``Hinagiku'' exhibited at the Paris World's Fair was awarded a bronze monument. ``Yonebishi'' is named after the company's name ``Yoneya'' at the time of its founding. Yonebishi's logo depicts the word ``rice'' and at the same time expresses the desire for ``rice longevity.''

Category: Seasonings / Koikuchi soy sauce ( honjozo )
Ingredients: soybean, wheat, salt, rice, mirin
Manufacturer: Yonebishi soy sauce
Production area: Ibaraki Prefecture

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