Nasakeshima 700ml/1800ml

本格焼酎 情け嶋の全体像

Nasakeshima 700ml/1800ml

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The refreshing richness and elegant fruitiness are quite addictive!

A pleasant and beautiful aroma, soft texture and fine texture.
Although it is light to drink, this barley shochu is characterized by the sweetness of the barley and a sharp aftertaste.

From Hachijo Kohatsu official website
History of Hachijojima shochu
The year was 1853, the year Commodore Perry came to Uraga, and Kagoshima was occupied by merchants from Akune.
Shoemon Tanso was exiled to Hachijojima on charges of smuggling trade with the Ryukyus . At that time, people on Hachijojima drank dobrok made with millet.
Shoemon saw a sweet potato and said that sake was made from this sweet potato in Kyushu, so he ordered a distiller from his parents' home and taught the islanders how to make shochu, which is the beginning of shochu making on Hachijo Island.
Because of this history, shochu textbooks include Kagoshima, Minami Miyazaki, and the Izu Islands as producing regions of potato shochu.
In the past, farmers produced sweet potatoes, breweries bought the sweet potatoes and made shochu, and the farmers bought the finished shochu. As the number of farmers began to grow plants, it became difficult to secure the raw material, potatoes.
From around that time, each brewery on the island considered the introduction of barley shochu, and began producing the potato-barley blend shochu and barley shochu that are unique to Hachijojima as they do today. It has a culture of

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: Barley, barley koji
Distillation: reduced pressure, normal pressure blending
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Hachijo Kohatsu ( Hachijojima, Tokyo )

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