Natan wine brewery kilig 2022 750ml [recommended by cool delivery]

Natan葡萄酒醸造所 kilig(キリグ) 2022の全体像

Natan wine brewery kilig 2022 750ml [recommended by cool delivery]

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[Natan Wine Brewery kilig 2022]

Heart-pounding natural wine with bursting red berries

A sweet and pop scent like strawberry candy, and a crisp and fresh fruit taste like a small red fruit bursting.
The crisp acidity and softness overlap, and it feels like a loved one caressing your hair.

kilig = Feeling like butterflies are dancing in your stomach.

Natan Winery is a very small winery run by female winemaker Namika Inoshita.
I used to make wine as a sommelier, but I wanted to know more about wine, so I chose the path of winemaking and started winemaking in Tokushima Prefecture in 2021.

The wines of the Natan Winery are ``no additives'', ``no clarification'', and ``no filtration'', and they contain very little or no antioxidants.
Our motto is to make the best use of the individuality of each grape, without relying on additives, and to bring out the flavor together with environmental resources such as temperature and gas.
We make natural wines that allow you to taste the ingredients as they are.

◆ Spec Category: Red Wine / Medium Light Body Varieties Used: Campbell from Iwate Prefecture, Muscat Bailey A from Yamagata Prefecture
Size: 750ml
Producer: Natan Wine Brewery Production area: Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture

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