Old Sake Nekomata Shochu 600ml/1800ml

古酒 猫また焼酎の全体像

Old Sake Nekomata Shochu 600ml/1800ml

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【Old sake Nekomata shochu]

A 5 -year aged rice shochu that will trick you

A stately and calm flavor due to the long-term aging of 5 years
A rice shochu that you can enjoy the nuances of coconut milk and vanilla.

・From the back label
Since ancient times , people have said that as cats get older, they turn into "nekomata" that deceive and deceive people .
People say that if you brew and distill rice and let it sit for a long time, it will turn into an enchanting sake that deceives and deceives people .
Tonight, the people who were fascinated by the magical power with their eyes wide open were pouring cups one by one. This is Nekomata's receptacle.
But I also want to be seduced by Nekomata and drown in drunkenness.

Category: Rice shochu
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic rice )
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Chiyo Musubi Sake Brewery ( Tottori Prefecture )

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