Cloudy plum wine Umedayu sweet potato shochu making 1800ml

梅酒 にごり梅酒 梅太夫 芋焼酎造り 全体像
梅酒 にごり梅酒 梅太夫 芋焼酎造り ラベル
梅酒 にごり梅酒 梅太夫 芋焼酎造り 肩掛けラベル
梅酒 にごり梅酒 梅太夫 芋焼酎造り 裏ラベル

Cloudy plum wine Umedayu sweet potato shochu making 1800ml

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[Nigori Umeshu Umedayu Potato Shochu Making]

The highest gold medal in the liqueur category at the IWSC 2020 , the world's three major liquor competitions !

A cloudy plum liqueur made by adding ground plum flesh to a sweet potato shochu-based plum liqueur.
It has a high acidity and a refreshing taste that is not too sweet.

Fresh unripe plums, crystal sugar, sweet potato shochu Satsuma Godai undiluted whiskey , and mashed Nanko plum flesh are added to " potato shochu-zukuri Godai plum wine " that has a faint sweetness and aroma of sweet potatoes.
It has a fruity aroma, and when you put it in your mouth, you can't get enough of the thick texture of the pulp.
The unique taste of potato shochu expands the range of flavors.

Shake well before drinking and enjoy straight or on the rocks.

Category: Plum wine
Ingredients: Authentic shochu ( manufactured in Kagoshima Prefecture ) , plum, sugar
Alcohol content: 12 degrees
Manufacturer: Yamamoto Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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