[With cosmetic box] Nokaidou PREMIUM potato shochu long-term aging 720ml

野海棠(のかいどう) PREMIUM 芋焼酎 長期熟成の全体像

[With cosmetic box] Nokaidou PREMIUM potato shochu long-term aging 720ml

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[Nokaito PREMIUM sweet potato shochu long-term aging]

Confident product brewed by brewers who have been searching for the ideal shochu

Sweet potato shochu Nokaito has its roots in the 35th year of the Meiji era (1902) at a small brewery in Koshikishima Aose, which floats on the west side of the Satsuma Peninsula.
“Mountain shochu” and “Nokaito” were born as the first attempt to produce shochu in Japan through hand-made koji, wooden barrel distillation, wooden barrel distillation, and cave storage.

10 years later, Nokaito PREMIUM was released with confidence by brewers who have pursued the ideal shochu.
It contains many ingredients such as linalool, terpineol, and citronel, and these ingredients produce a PREMIUM fruit odor like muscat and lychee, and a gorgeous scent like lilac flowers.

It also contains matured and vanilla scents, and is a notch higher-grade sweet potato shochu with an outstandingly smooth sweetness.

◆ Spec category: Potato shochu Ingredients: Sweet potato (produced in Kagoshima Prefecture), rice malt (domestic)
Koji: Black koji Distillation: Normal pressure distillation Alcohol content: 25% Producer: Kedoin Distillery (Kagoshima Prefecture)

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