Okoge 720ml/1800ml

大分麦焼酎 おこげの全体像
大分麦焼酎 おこげのラベル
大分麦焼酎 おこげのラベル左側面
大分麦焼酎 おこげのラベル右側面
大分麦焼酎 おこげのサブラベル
大分麦焼酎 おこげの裏ラベル
大分麦焼酎 おこげの首掛けラベル
大分麦焼酎 おこげの上部
大分麦焼酎 おこげの720ml瓶

Okoge 720ml/1800ml

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[Scorched rice]

Barley shochu for professionals made with an unprecedented idea.

Uses traditional black koji that brings out the flavor of barley. Special barley that enhances the aroma and naked barley that creates a wild flavor are used as raw materials.
It has a fragrant aroma like barley chocolate and barley tea.

Oimatsu Brewery's fermentation technology is used to create a unique aroma and taste from two types of raw materials ( barley and bare barley ) by decomposing and extracting black koji.
In addition, we have devised a special atmospheric distillation method for koge (burnt), which draws out a warm charred aroma from the moromi, which contains a unique mellow aroma, and is particular about distillation.

Category: barley shochu
Ingredients: barley, naked barley, barley koji
Koji: Black Koji
Distillation: Dedicated normal pressure distillation <burn>
Alcohol content: 25 degrees
Manufacturer: Oimatsu Sake Brewery ( Oita Prefecture )

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