Rubaiyat Wine White 720ml/1800ml

白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 全体像
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 ラベル
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 左サイド
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 右サイド
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 裏ラベル
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 上部
白ワイン ルバイヤートワイン 白 フルボトル

Rubaiyat Wine White 720ml/1800ml

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[Rubaiyat wine white]

1 sho bottle white wine recommended for everyday drinking

Pale yellow. The subdued aroma and slightly complex taste are due to a multi-year blend.
The sweetness of the fruit remains in the aftertaste.
A white wine to be enjoyed with food.
It is also popular as a house wine in restaurants.

・From the back label
The brand name "Rubaiyat" comes from a four-line poetry collection by the Persian poet Omar Khayyam, which praises wine and beautiful women.
It was named by Mr. Gennosuke Hinatsu, a poet who had a close relationship with the closure.
The Standard Series Rubaiyat Wine White delivers a well-balanced and subdued taste by blending wines from multiple vintages and several grape varieties.

Category: white wine / dry
Varieties used: Delaware from Yamanashi Prefecture, Koshu
Size: 720ml/ 1800ml
Producer: Marufuji Wine
Production area: Katsunuma, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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