Ryofu 720ml/1800ml

焼酎 呂布 全体像

Ryofu 720ml/1800ml

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[Lu Bu]

A rich type of barley shochu with a rich and rich flavor.

Made from carefully selected high-quality two-row barley and naturally filtered water from Kagoshima's unique Shirasu Plateau.

The name of the sake, ``Ryūbu,'' is a familiar name to fans of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and is praised as ``Ryōbu among men, Red Rabbit among horses,'' and is a military commander praised as the strongest in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms due to his outstanding bravery.

The sweet, gorgeous aroma of ripe fruit and rich, rich flavor make this a masterpiece worthy of the name ``Satsuzu Ryobu'', which stands strong yet calm in the southern land.

Category: Barley shochu
Ingredients: Two-rowed barley ( produced in Australia ) , barley malt
Koji: white koji
Distillation: vacuum distillation
Alcohol content: 25 %
Manufacturer: Hamada Sake Brewery ( Kagoshima Prefecture )

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