Ryoko Junmai Dry 720ml/1800ml

菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライの全体像
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライのラベル
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライのラベル左側面
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライのラベル右側面
菱湖(りょうこ) 純米ドライの上部

Ryoko Junmai Dry 720ml/1800ml

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[Ryo Lake Pure rice dry】

It's super dry, yet so fruity. Honestly, it's unfair!!

This is the first dry pure rice sake in the popular "Ryoko" series.
This is a new and challenging sake that takes the next step while retaining the good qualities of Ryoko so far.

A refreshing scent reminiscent of green apples and pears.
It has a fluffy and soft texture, yet a crisp and dry taste.
The aftertaste also fades out refreshingly, giving a sense of the brewer's skill.

About Ryoko
The production manager of "Sharaku" moved to Mineno Shiraume Sake Brewery and launched the brand "Ryoko" with the aim of making the sake he really wanted to make.

・Origin of the name
Calligraphers of the late Edo period Makihishiko is from Fukui village, where the brewery is located.
The brand name was taken from the name of a local hero.
The typeface used in the product name was taken from Makihishiko's own handwriting.
Now, sake brewers all over the country are competing with each other in their quest to create the ideal new form of sake. They continue to experiment and try to find ways to incorporate the essence of the new era into traditional culture. Mineno Hakubai has taken the first step in this new challenge.
A young master brewer from Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture It is manufactured by Kenji Ijima.

Taste graph of Ryoko Junmai Dry Sake

Category: Sake ( pure rice sake )
Ingredients: Rice ( domestic ) , rice malt ( domestic )
Rice used: Dewasansan
Rice polishing ratio: 60 %
Sake Meter Value: +10
Acidity: 1.8
Alcohol content: 15 %
Storage method: Cool and dark place
Manufacturer: Minenoshiroume Sake Brewery ( Niigata Prefecture )

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